SketchUp Version Compatibile With Mac OS 10.13.6

  • MaBook 13 Late 2009
  • Processor 2.26 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3,
  • Storage Mac HD 433.81 GB Available, External 163.26 Available
  • Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
  • Browser Chrome Version 91.04472

In the past 12 months, I have tried using current 2021 SketchUP Free online, but it was so slow using wireless connection that SU took too long to process each command. I then tried the 2021 SU Pro download, but received a compatibility error. Downloaded SU Mac 2020 Pro but measurements using the Tape Measure show one value, but as soon as reference point is rendered, it shows a different value. More often; the Tape Measure will not show a measurement unit value but instead shows coordinates.

Is there any older SketchUp version than SU 2020 Pro that will work effectively with this old MacBook? I used to use the pre-Trimble version from time to time, and don’t recall running into these issues. Is it SketchUp or the old Mac and OS High Sierra, or all of the above?

This sounds like a setting issue, not an operating system issue. Maybe look at the Units settings in Model Info. Also turn off Length Snapping as that can cause the sort of thing you describe.

The tooltip display for the Tape Measure tool changes depending on what type of entity you are on. To get coordinates you have to be on an endpoint, midpoint, or guidepoint.

I’m currently using an early version of 2020 in High Sierra successfully.

Thank you for your prompt replies. To create the project, I used the Woodworking template with inches as measurement and 1/64th of an inch as accuracy.
Here’s an example of the trouble I’m having:
I created rectangle to be the side of a cabinet with the dimension of 22 inches long and 24 inches tall. To achieve those dimensions, I used the pencil Line too to start each line, and then typed in the number values ( ie: 22", 24") and then depressing the Return key. The lines appeared to be correct but when I added a parallel line to the 24" line, the new line ran past the edge of the original 24" line. I used the tape measure to check the original line and the tape measure shows it to be 22 9/16". Note that “line snap” is off. Very weird!

I never had this issue with the Free Online version of SketchUp. The only issue I had with Free Online is that the response time is very slow with WiFi. Keystroke Commands would stack and override each other. I thought I’d try the desktop. Pro version and buy it if it solved the response time issue. Now I’m having these accuracy issues. I’ll delete the project and start over from scratch to see if there are any gremlins involved. If that doesn’t work, I’ll download it over again and see if that cures the problem.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

FWIW, when you open the App in the browser, it needs to get loaded in the browsers memory. Once it is loaded, you can even disconnect from the internet.
It does need internet when (auto)saving though, to publish each version.
Keystrokes are handled in the loaded app.
Sometimes, when having a lot of tabs open, all the cookies and notifications from all the different tabs can take a lot of bandwith.

Thanks Mike. I tried using SU Free on Safari browser and many bad things happened. I switched to Firefox and SU Free behaved better.
I tried Chrome because it is my default browser but Chrome has all my extensions for regular browsing that make it a pig. Think I’ll stick with Firefox.