Measurement information is no longer static when using the Tape Measure tool


As a sidenote, I have also noticed that with the upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2018- Mac, the measurement information is no longer static when using the Tape Measure tool. In fact, the dotted line drawn without any pre-existing reference point will not even show up. Here are the steps:

  • Click a pre-existing reference point with the Tape Measure tool and drag. Numbers appear in the Measurement window as the cursor is moved.
  • Click again to end the measurement distance. The previously shown numbers disappear. This was not the case in version 2017x. Moving the cursor after this shows model square footage or pre-existing line length of whatever the cursor passes over.
  • Adjustment to the measurement just draw can still be done, but you have to type out the entire length verses making just a single number adjustment as before.
  • Attempting to edit the measurement distance in this way often causes one or more of the “wandering model” issues previously mentioned in this post.

Has anyone else also experienced this problem, that may or may not be related to the same issue?

Dr. Z.

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