2021 tape measure tool tip oversharing. TMI

Whoa! Suddenly in 2021 my tape measure has a lot to say. Pretty annoying. Sometimes the resulting text in a giant pop up window is blocking the geometry I’m working on. Is there way to tell the tape measure to keep mum?

Just a guess that that screen tip thing was disabled in your install of 2020. It certainly isn’t a new feature in 2021. As I recall there’s a setting for this in a json file but I’ll have to look back for it. It’s been a long time since I thought about it.

If you don’t want to see the inference tips first quit SketchUp and then find the SharedPreferences.json file. If I remember correctly for Mac, ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp Open SharedPreferences.json and find the entry for Inference Tips. Change it from True to False. Save the change and then open SketchUp.
Screenshot - 11_21_2020 , 6_33_50 AM

I did that for illustration purposes and now 2021 doesn’t show the information. I’ll guess that if you look at the equivalent .json file for 2020, you’ll see it was already set to False.

What Dave shows is that your 2020 had a problem, and how to fix it. Note that when you start to use the tape measure you then only get the brief distance help tips, which you also haven’t seen in 2020 for a while.

Ha, I learn something new every day here, thank you gentlemen for your insight. I have no idea how my 2020 .json file got altered. I’ll have to decide if it’s something I want to fix or intentionally disable for 2021. Either way i appreciate having to knowledge to control it. Are there multiple levels of information available? I noticed in my SU18 I get the component name but not the X,Y, Z coordinates which is what I found so surprising in 2021 as it makes the window much taller and is not very useful information for me.

It was disabled after an install of 2020 for me, although I didn’t know why. That’s how I knew how to fix it. There aren’t multiple levels of information selectable. More information was added in 2019 or 2020 (I forget which) so you wouldn’t get all of that info in 2018.

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Interesting, looking back through my versions it was present in a more modest form before and does magically disappear in 2020 for me too (I skipped 19). Perhaps 2020 shipped default inference tips off? Anyway, thanks for the tip.

It happened to me at some point as well, and of the cases I’ve come across, many were from people who had used a beta version. I’m sure there are other combinations that can lead to the issue too.

One thing that may be significant is that there isn’t a UI variation of the option, and I’m not sure what logic goes into setting it to be ‘true’ the first time the file is written.