Inaccurate geometry

The latest upgrade in SU2020 is causing me massive headaches. Although I cannot pinpoint exactly what the problem is or what is causing it, drawing geometry is just not working as it use to. Often I want to add geometry thinking existing objects are square ie in one of the green blue or red axis, only to find out later down the line that the new lines are out by a fraction of mm’s. One thing I did pick up now is that it appears as if the response time from clicking on a node to the software actually doing it seems to be fractionally out. Working on MBP using the touch pad.

I have modeled very precisely dimensioned things in SU2020 with no problem so I’d guess it’s not specifically a problem with that. What you describe seems more likely to be caused by having Length Snapping enabled and possibly not entering precise dimensions as you work. Do you have Length Snapping enabled? What is the Display Precision set to?

Hi Dave, thanks for replying.

It was set, now off, Precision set at 1mm. This function seems to be working in reverse :frowning:

What do you mean? Length Snapping is designed for quick but not precise modeling. If you want precise accurate models you should have Length Snapping turned off and you should enter actual dimensions as you go.

Precision is only for display which is why it is properly called Display Precision. It is doesn’t have anything to do with how precisely you can model; only how precise dimensions shown in the Measurements window, as tooltips with the Tape Measure tool, and dimensions added with the Dimension tool will be displayed.

Ok, this maybe also explains why faces sometimes are not present. I will work with the setting off, and see if things improve.

Thanks for taking the time.


That could be the case. It’s not unusual for Length Snapping to be responsible for tiny gaps in loops of edges. SketchUp is kind of particular about loops of edges being completely closed in order to create a face.

The thing I always suggest to anyone I’m teaching is that they create their own default template with Precision set very fine and Length Snapping disabled. While you may not want to dimension your models to 6 places right of the decimal, being able to see tiny discrepancies if you create them, is useful. Of course you can always make the Display Precision more coarse if you want to.

Good luck.