Mac|Sketchup Pro Accuracy Issue?

So had a customer show me a pretty serious issue with accuracy on a recent project. He was attempting to push pull an opening thru a customized wall panel. Four openings that were rather simple. One of the four would not remove the back face. Upon investigation, the panel was just slightly out of true square. And to the tune of .00005". All faces were complete. Object was showing as solid object with no issues. We measured the vertices at each corner and found all of them but one were identical. That odd one was some .00324" longer.

We don’t normally process at anything finer than .0325" or 1/32". But to try and find the culprit we started going to 6 digits.

I thought the project was messed up somehow or he had modeled it wrong. But today Im working in my own file and seeing very similar issues. I have recorded a video and link is on dropbox. Is this a macOS issue, a modeling issue on my part, or a Sketchup issue?

SketchUp is precise to 0.001 of an inch. FUN FACT : This is called a “Twip”

You can’t record any smaller values than that.

You’d only be able to measure that degree of accuracy at the very centre of the world origin.

If you are getting weirdness - make sure that model has been drawn near the world origin and someone hasn’t imported a DWG , started drawing really far away and then moved a drawing axis to the model.

Can you share a file?

No kidding!?

Guess I have missed that little tidbit.

Weirdness seems to be a result, at least in this file, with using Curic Stretch on a wall and getting some vertices just slightly off. Then referencing those.

But will be definitely moving back to 3 digits of perfection.

As to my customer: a .dwg was inserted in that file AND axis was changed multiple times for many angled faces…and now that I think of it, the space was an interior over 200’ long. Very likely models were made very far from origin and then axis were changed.

Thanks for the response.

This has not been my experience. SketchUp can hold coordinate points to 0.00001 or 0.000001 inch granularity with no problem. Using the “Dave” method of editing scaled-up component instances is helpful to achieve this, and I routinely create geometry with coordinates where 4 or 5 decimal places are required and preserved.

One way that the 0.001 inch limit does pertain to SketchUp - and perhaps this is what you meant - is as the nearness cutoff for two points that are very close to each other. (For example, the two endpoints of a very short edge, or two of the endpoints of two separate but nearby edges.) SketchUp’s Check Validity operation will detect such closely-spaced points and merge them - deleting one of them and replacing it with the other.

The “Dave” method is an effective technique for shrinking that 0.001 inch nearness cutoff by 100X (if you work on a component instance scaled up by 100X) or even by 1000X (if you work on a component instance scaled up by 1000X).