Drawing failure, will not align properly and form surface

I have run into an issue in Sketchup tht is very agrivating and seams to be a drawing error within sketchup. I am using Sketchup 2017 Lite.

This error is where when drawing a line to connect to another pair of intersecting lines to form a surface, the point at which my ne wlight connects appears to not connect properly forming microscopic (1-2 pixel) gap preventing the forming of a surface where one should be formed otherwise. I call this gap microscopic becasue it is so small as to be invisible on the screen. so at first glane everything looks like the triangle is complete and a surface should be formed, but no surface is formed. Sometimes, only sometimes, I am able to zoom in to find the micro-gap and I am able to force sketchup to fix it, but only half of the time. Other times the gap seams to be so small that I can not zoom in close enough to see it. When I try I end up zooming past the intersection point all together and it vanishes from my view. This situation is completely inexcusable and intollerable. It causes a complete halt in model development when I end up with a hole that by all rights should not exist.

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I’ve never heard of this version.

Do you have Length Snapping enabled? Look in Window>Model Info>Units.

Share a sample SKP file that shows this problem.

Yes length snapping is enabled.
Sketchup 2017 Lite is the the free version of Sketchup 2017.

That would be Make then not Lite.
Disable length snapping.

Turn off length snapping and see if you get better results.

What Box wrote.

Superstructure Deck 2 Aft Error.skp (215.6 KB)
Here is the model file that is currently giving me trouble. The hole is in the group forming th edge trim part.

Sounds like you are working at very small scale and would benefit from using

The part I am working with is huge, over 100 feet long, 100 feet wide and 6 inches thick, at most things should only be happening at 1/4 inch levels. So if the new line is stipp 1/1000 of an inch short of where its supposed to, thats on sketchup not me.

I’m not sure how you are getting your problem, but I’m not finding any trouble fixing it.


have you never noticed sketchup’s inferences tells you when you are on the endpoint and shows the little green dot indicator?

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I have noticed that, though sometimes I have ended up with apparently 2 green dots very close together, which has been confusing at times.

I’m on my phone so can’t examine your model now. How far from the origin are the offending points? At great distances it is possible for a separation to be too small compared to the origin distance, which can cause snap to a different point than where the inference is marked. The origin distance has to be quite large though before this happens.

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this I did not know. I have had difficulty with some tools when zoomed in very close though…even at the origin. But I think it was related to clipping.

After turning distance snapping off, and employing the erasor tool as the one individual did and a little selective box selecting, I managed to get the area fixed as the one individual with the picture was able to do and it hasn’t cropped up again in this model, so far.

I must change my username, the one individual would go quite well with the only aaron.

Length snapping forces specific increments on your edges, if the endpoint you wish to connect to isn’t a multiple of that specific increment then the snap will miss.


Ahh, which is usefull at times, but I should get into the habit of turning it off when trying to connect to existing lines.

You can turn it off then save it as your template along with any other preferences and you’ll only need to remember to turn it on on the vary rare occasions than you might need it.

By the way, if you are selling your work with sketchup online then you should be using sketchup pro not ‘Lite’ as you call it.
If that is the case I won’t be answering any further questions.

No not selling any of my work online. The few pieces I have posted are free. I have though about getting Pro, just can not afford it at this time.

I have not started using the online app yet as it does not support my 3d mouse which i use extensively in my modeling, which is why im still using 2017.

I might have had the name wrong, might be Sketchup Make 2017.

A quote from your link.

I have created 3 dimensional mesh models for use and sale in virtual worlds such as Second Life and OpenSimulator based virtual simulations such as Avination or Inworldz.