Drawing failure, will not align properly and form surface

I do not use Sketchup for the virtual world models. Have tried it a time or 2 but have run into translation issues between them. I usually use AC3D for my Secondlive, Avination and Inworldz models and been toying around with Blender.

Actually haven’t done anything new for the virtual worlds in over 3 months, kind of gotten into a slump on that front.

Also, my income from Secondlife, Avination and Inworldz combined comes to about $5 USD per week with most of that from SecondLife.

Fair enough, but just be aware that when you promote yourself as a freelance concept modeler and designer you need to be using professional tools. You should remove sketchup from your page if you don’t have pro.

I would love to have pro, there are a lot of usefull features and I have tried the trial version of it. Its just a matter of finances. Pro is not exactly an inexpensive piece of software. Though with my latest job (having nothing to do with 3d modeling or design) I might be able to save up for it over the course of a couple of months.

As of yet, I have not done any contract 3d modeling work for any one else. Its mostly been just my own stuff. I have not been hired yet by anyone to develop a 3d model or design.

Thanks for referencing the Dave Method. I hadn’t seen it before, and it’s sheer genius. I had previously scaled up and back down, and didn’t always get the results I expected.


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