Lines not closing surfaces

Every once in a while, I get these odd line disconnects. (circled area) It’s usually not too big of a hassle to find and fix the issue by sub-dividing and isolating the areas and re-drawing the offending line, but I’m curious what causes it. Or is it local machine issue? (Deleting Lines 1&2 and tracing line 3, then redrawing 1&2 fixes it for me)
Bonus question: There was one order of fixing the lines that had the entirety of surface 4 disappear as well.

Error sample.skp (118.0 KB)

In your case you have managed to create several overlapping faces. I deleted them and then healed the surfaces by stitching across the gaps. Fortunately your edges are coplanar so the lines I drew can be erased after the faces are created.

You have Length snapping enabled, the general consensus is this tends to cause tiny errors and is best turned off. This may have contributed to your issue. But having said that, sketchup does have issues like this that are generally inexplicable, and only fixable by methods such as Dave has shown.


Awesome, I think length snapping was off on the machine that did the file originally and it was on on mine when I went to look at the file. We’ve been using the stitch-fix and making do for years, I was just hoping that there might have been an update past the “generally inexplicable” part. Ah well, thanks!

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