Sketchup line issues

Hi all,

I have perhaps an odd question, but I get a sense that I am not the only one to experience this.

Every so often I come across a face that won’t close or I erase a line that shouldn’t affect a face but it ends up erasing the face anyway etc, etc. All of these issues are eventually traced back to having multiple lines drawn in the same spot but ever so slightly not touching. These lines run parallel with each other. I am very particular when I model, paying close attention to lines on axis and connecting to other lines but this still happens on occasion.

My question is, can this be avoided? Is there a setting that prevents this sort of thing from happening? Or a tool or plugin that would seek these out and fix them? Also, how nice would it be if ketchup didn’t clip geo when you zoom in…fixing this double line issue is very frustrating when I can’t zoom in close enough to even see the two lines lol

Sadly I don’t have an example right now, but hopefully someone out there knows what Im talking about!

Thanks for now,

It can be avoid. Turning off Length Snapping can help avoid it. Also turning off Profiles or setting them to 1 can help. TBH I’ve never had this problem myself but I have seen it induced by others.

Share a SketchUp file that has this issue. Maybe there’s something else going on.

Thanks @DaveR, I have turned on length snapping and will see if that helps going forward. I generally work with profiles either off or no higher than 1.

I will share a fill next time this happens

No. You should have Length Snapping turned OFF.

This comment worries me, could it be that these multiple edges are forming at a long distance from the origin?

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@Box @DaveR oh man it must be Friday! I indeed turned length snapping OFF, not on as my comment would lead you to believe.

@Box I rarely draw very far from the origin.

It may help if you track down the source of your clipping.

I think the only way to eliminate the clipping would to be avoid using Sketchup :wink:

For me that is the wrong way to think, I rarely experience clipping and when I do I’m usually aware of what I have done to cause it.
Clipping is part of the software, but in the normal way of things it shouldn’t be an issue.
Whenever we look at model where people are fighting with clipping there is generally a good reason for it.

I rarely run into clipping in my own models. Most often when I see it in models from others it turns out there’s some stray entity at a great distance from the orign.

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I only experience clipping with I zoom in close enough to try to find these lines side by side, otherwise I have no issues. Same thing happens in every model no matter if its an old model or if its a brand new fresh model.