Drawing a roof

Hi everyone. I need help to draw a roof on a non orthogonal building similar to the roof of the ajacent buildings. Any ideas?

One option would be to use the profile of the roof to the left. Using just the slope facing the camera, wrap it around the new walls. That will leave you with a triangle described by the new ridge line. Make that a flat roof (not visible from the ground).

I would draw a line connecting the mid point of the ends walls. Then raise that up to the top height of your pitch. Then offset the flat roof to the start of your slope. Then raise that up to the same height of your roof pitch. Now you have the pitch intersection that you draw lines back down to your walls.

For the missing roof face, since it’s an irregular shape, you should use the Sandbox From Contours tool to fill those in.

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Also, there is a way to automate Hip roofs by using the extension 1001 Bit Tools.

It works for multiple roofs at once as well. Bonus!

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Thanks a lot! Wise solutions! You’re my hero!

Στις Παρ, 28 Ιουν 2019 στις 8:33 μ.μ., ο/η Eric via SketchUp Forum sketchup@discoursemail.com έγραψε:

You’re welcome!