Question: How can I make unevenly angled roofs?

Hi guys, I am relatively new to SketchUp and I use it to model historical buildings from pictures and floor plans. Those unfortunately never have perfectly straight shapes, as the thickness of the walls varies quite a lot, and there are few actual 90 degree angles.
So their shape is usually rather irregular. I am currently modeling a church, where both the tower and the main building are roughly rectangular, but not with perfect 90 degree angles. The roof of the tower is no problem to model, since it is pointed and basically consists of 4 triangles that easily form faces. But the roof of the main building is a hip roof, so it consists of 2 triangles and 2 trapezoids and the trapeziods just will not form faces due to the irregular shape.

Does anybody know how I could solve this problem? When I seperate the trapezoids into triangles it works, but this creates problems with modeling later on, so I hope there is a different solution.

Thank you for your kind help!

Are the real roofs actually flat quadrilaterals?

If so, create a roof using two triangles, then move one of the two-edge corners up or down (tap the Up arrow key to constrain the move direction) until it lies in the plane of the other triangle. Then delete the diagonal between the two triangles.

If the real roof is not flat, just hide the diagonal.

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