Draping (Meshing?)

I have two cylinders with 100 segments per circle. This particular model has them coming in at different angles. I would like to combine them joining faces (meshing, draping? My apologies for not using the correct terminology). Is there a way to do this quickly? I can explode the groups and do it manually, segment by segment, but its extremely time consuming. I have tried Curviloft-Loft Along Path but that process still requires selecting each segment. (Unless I am doing something incorrectly.)

Any feedback helps. Thank you in advance.

You should be able to click the faces to select all edges.

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If this question is also related to octopus, I show you a different approach:
I used the Vertex tool plugin, but you can also use the standard tools.
You are struggling too much from the beginning with 100 segments for a circle.


Thank you! I was using Curviloft totally the wrong way. This helps tremendously!

This is about the Octopus- again! That Vertex tool looks amazing and you make it look so easy. I will definitely have to give it a shot. Thank you again!