Stacking shapes and blocks


Hey all, Pretty new to sketchup but having an issue figuring out something that should be very simple.

I am creating something in Sketchup and can’t seem to get 2 cylinders of the exact same radius to snap to each other. Is there a way to do this simply? I want to create stacks of cylinders with different sized. Photo attached. Thanks in advance for any help.


Most likely you are not grabbing the corresponding edge vertex on the new cylinder and the destination, or perhaps you didn’t draw the cylinders in the same orientation. If you turn on hidden geometry (View->Hidden Geometry) it is a lot easier to see where the vertices lie and to match them up. Also, if the cylinders are not Groups or Components, make sure to triple-click to select all of the geometry or you will just move that one vertex!


LIFE SAVER!! Still a little clunky but I think I’ll figure it out! Thanks for your help!


Click and release to pick up, move, click and release to drop.