Drape tool -- combined faces problem

Hello everyone! I’m new here and to Sketchup. I’m running ‘Make’ but I think I have a free trial of pro or something since I have access to the drape tool (which I understand to be a feature of PRO). So, that’s why I put this in the ‘pro’ category. I’m not sure if this is the right way to go so please correct me if I’m wrong.

What I’m trying to do is drape a road onto a ‘From Contours’ (tin?) geography so that the road follows the profile of the area. I split the road into segments so I can change the face materials. My issue is that one of the segments (the yellow median line) selects two faces instead of one.

When trying to select either of the two left most faces, highlighted here, it selects both.
See the following for image details (i could only upload the one since I’m new…sorry! I would like to provide more context)

The double selection


In my reading (I do try and go the distance before I ask questions) I have often seen people mention an upload of an SKP which I would have loved to include but the file size is to large. I bit off more than I can chew for this class project but hey, now I’m rambling.

Thanks so much for being great!

It happens if there is a gap or edge is slightly above the surface.
And yes, SketchUp trial is basically Pro version for 30 days. But Drape tool available on both :upside_down:

You can try uploading to 3D Warehouse and share the link here. If size is still big, then you can upload to Dropbox or Google Drive and share the file link here.

Alright, here is the .SKP through the Warehouse (oddly it wasn’t as large as I had originally thought).

.SKP Link


I would have thought that the drape tool would combine the two geometric shapes on top of one another without a gap or edge above the surface but I suppose this may not be the correct assumption. I’m using EdgeTools^2 to check for any gaps, which there are none, but this wont help me find and fix any gaps that are ‘connected’–are there tools for that?

Additionally, the process I took to generate the terrain was entirely cumbersome and may be to blame but everything is in real-world scale as far as I know.

Thank you for the help!

Yeap, there is a tiny gap :face_with_monocle:

waldo.skp (2.9 MB)

If you’re curious how i spotted it, i just started drawing perpendicular lines to the problematic face and one side (left) always got fixed but right side didn’t. That narrowed down the problem and finally i’ve seen the gap.

Blimy! Thank you so much! I’ll make sure to fine-tooth through my models next time like you suggested.

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