I can't make a face after drape


I have draped a shape using sandbox onto a coplanar rectangle. I can’t get it to make a face. So I presume it is either not coplanar, or there are minute gaps in the shape. I have managed to get some of it to create faces by drawing lines, but sometimes it is taking multiple lines to get the face. I’m sure I’m being a bird brain and probably doing something obviously wrong, and hope one of you sages can help!!

Are there any extensions that help identify if a shape is not coplanar, or if there are any tiny gaps?

Thanks, best regds, Sally

drape test.skp (288.0 KB)

Hi Sally,

I find that thomthoms edge tools and solid tools extensions help.

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Here is your shape cleaned up, I did it manually using Fredo’s Curvizard Weld, which stops when it gets to a problem area so you can zoom in and fix it. You appear to have multiple edges in certain places which makes it fail.
I’d be interested to see what it was before you did the drape.
drape testBox.skp (278.9 KB)

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Hi Box, many thanks, I’ll get the extension. I knew there were tiny errors but just couldn’t find them!

It was an ever-changing garden design, and because I’d grouped the lawn and the beds separately, it ended up being difficult to make minor alterations, so I wanted to keep it as one group, but because I had so many alterations, I guess these ended up as multiple lines.

Here is the final plan so it may make more sense!

Kind regards, Sally

Ok, so remember in future to only drape clean lines.

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I think I need to look at my workflow, if I hadn’t got into a mess with it, I wouldn’t have needed to drape it in the first place. I think I should make less groups when I’m doing the bed & lawn shapes. As this one was a flat garden I didn’t worry about level changes so didn’t even need to do terrain and drape over the shape. I’m very grateful for your help :wink:

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