Tapering Curves from Faces

New to modeling curves and my current issue is with modeling octopus arms. I am curving the arm and tapering at the same time. the arms do not taper consistently so I am modeling it in segments. I’ve identified my start and stop points (different planes) as well as the diameters for each end.
I am using Taper Maker but the issue is it only tapers from lines and does not incorporate the faces I am using for beginning and ending points. See photos below. Is there a way (extension?) to get the taper to start/end using selected faces? Any feedback helps. Thank you!

With Taper Maker plugin:

and Curviloft


Try a plugin called Loft Along Path, from Fredo6. It’s available from the SketchUcation plugin store.

This is a fantastic tutorial! I truly appreciate the advise and the gifs. Thank you!

Mihai.s. Thank you for the tutorial! This is just what I needed. Thank you again

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