Tapering A 3D Spiral/Helix/Screw Thread?



Hi all,
I’m pretty new to the whole modelling curved geometries thing & am currently making a screw thread. I’ve modelled the actual thread now, but am wanting to taper off the ends of the thread as you’d see on a self-threading screw. I’ve tried using ‘solid tools’ to ‘subtract’ a curved object from the thread, but that makes all the geometry go weird & faces disappear for some reason. Any other clue as to how this might be done?
Image of my model in case that helps:

In case it helps, I’ve made my screw thread using the method shown here:


One way to do this is to create a “cutter” to form the end of the screws to whatever run-out you’d like.



You can take the easy way out and use the Draw Whorl plugin/extension … https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/draw-whorl


Hi Dave, thanks for the quick reply! Don’t mind too much where the taper occurs, but had intended to taper what I’ve already drawn.

This is the method I tried, using ‘solid tools’ ‘subtract’ function, but the geometry went all whack on me…


OMGGGGGG why hasn’t this extension been brought up in Sketchup posts before?! When I searched how to model screw threads or anything it came up with other extensions & methods which made a basic spiral/whatever, but that extension looks perfect!! Thanks a million!


You bet. Make sure to thank the author!


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