Screw Threads

Is there an article about drawing screw threads? If I choose a diameter and pitch, what do I need to know to turn that into the geometry needed to represent the screw? That’s what I’d like to read in a how-to.


I use sources like Engineer’s Edge to get the dimensions for the desired screw threads.

Here’s a video that shows how I go about modeling them.


Dave, thank you for the info and the tutorial.

Think carefully about why you need to model the screw thread geometry.

If it is for 3D printing or a close up view of a single component you can make it as detailed as you like.

But if your threads are components in a larger model, it is very easy to bloat the geometry and cripple the overall model. Consider assigning a tag and turn it off, until you need to show the threads. Use as few segments per turn of the thread as will give you a ‘good enough’ appearance at the detail level you need to view.

Sometimes a 2D image of the thread made into a FaceMe component will give the appearance you need with a much lower impact on edge count and file size - if you need to see the detail of the threads at all.

If you do need to draw them in detail, consider using a plug-in to draw a helix, along with Eneroth Upright Extruder to prevent the thread profile twisting as it would using the native FollowMe tool.

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As I indicated in the video…


Thank you both for the responses.

SketchUp is a hobby for me. My models usually have no other purpose than to entertain and educate myself. The screw detail is, therefore, not important. I asked because I wanted to learn how drawing them might be accomplished.

Thank you again.