A Tapering Helix Doodle

doodling this morning before my first cup of coffee started to work. Varying pitch and diameter with a taper in the last turn or so. Totally in SketchUp. I was told this can’t be done in SketchUp. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. :smiley:


SketchUp may only be able to model things with bounded planes, but if they are fine enough, they effectively make a smooth surface. Even when 3D printed, if the facet size is at or below the resolution of the particular printer and media, the result can be smooth as needed.

When I first used SketchUp, I wanted to make a bolt with a screw thread. This led me down the rosy Ruby path of creating a plugin to make threads. Which led to adding various transformations and options until it was no longer a usable tool. However, once you understand what it wants to do, you can make a whole lot of helix doodles :wink:

I think the thing that makes SketchUp so flexible is that there are so many ways to skin a catfish. If the result is what you want, then you must have done it the right way :wink: