Drape tool parts do not get draped

I have read previous threads on issues with drape tool but still do not understand why I do not get it to work…
I have imported an dwg file. I have made a area where I want lines from dwg to be draped. use the drape tool and most of what I want is being draped - but there are some (important of course) lines that just don-t get draped. I really do not understand why?!?
What condition is missing for these lines in order to get draped? Please see the group that I want to drape - in outliner. Any clues on this would be appriciated…
Lorensbergsgatan 4.skp (5.6 MB)

What if you don’t ‘Drape’? All the lines are there.


And if you also want to add 3D level curves, you can also flatten that model and add it to this flat surface.

If there is another solution than drape I am all for it. But please explain I am not sure I follow? The lines I want to copy on to my 2D terrain is not in plane - how do I make sure they are all on same plane? I do not want any 3D levels in this case just all on same level…

As I told you, you flatten those 3D lines and you add them to the 2D plane, as you see in the animated gif.

You can use Eneroth Flatten to Plane extension


Oh “Flatten selection”! My new BFF - thank you for the advice. I used copy and copy in place instead of exploding - but nearly same. Made my day to discover this function. :slight_smile:

So maybe my problem was rather how to flatten, than to drape…