Drop plan(map) on terrain

hellor there! i have an issue u.u i made a terrain form using google .and i have a plan with streets and water courses related to that certain terrain. i would like to superpose the plan over the capture terrain from Google.using drop to intersection plugin wasn.t succesfull because it uses components and when the plan intersected the 3d shape of the terrain it still remained…plan.i tried also with drape tool but still doesn.t work. any other ideeas that can save my day? thanks.

The drape tool should do the job, but “still doesn’t work” gives us scant little to go on in troubleshooting your issue. There are a thousand ways to use the tool incorrectly, but only one way to use it correctly. Chances are, you used one of the thousand

Please tell us exactly what you did, what you expected to happen, and what actually did happen.


well i have the terrain like this https://vectorworkstrainer.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/terrain1.png
and the plan that corresponds to the terrain http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_nTNh-M8y48Q/TVGMcfHhO8I/AAAAAAAAAFs/VouKIuQvyvg/s1600/structura+urbana.png more or less like that(not as a picture but constructed from individual lines).i want to put the lines from the plan on the terrain. i imported the plan i.ve put it on top of the terrain so that the elements from the terrain corelate with those on the terrain . i selected the plan , selected drape tool and clicked the terrain. and that.s when the program stops responding and it can stay like that for…days. i tried to work only with parts of the plan but i can.t cause the plan is selected as group and when i click ‘‘explode’’ , the same , the computer stops working. X.x

well…it responded in the end, after 2 hours but nothing happened X.X

At first it looked like the plan was actually an image, not vectors (lines), which would call for a different approach, but since you specifically stated it’s linework, we’re good with the Drape tool. (If it were actually an image, you could simply project it as a texture onto the terrain.)

I’m still wondering, though, how things I see in the picture you furnished, such as gray-scale and hatching, are handled in your actual plan. You do not want fill, shading, or tones; you must drape only lines. Hatching is not good, even if it’s made only of lines, simply because it adds too much complexity.

Try simplifying the linework as much as is possible. If you can, you might want to divide it into three or four separate drawings that are keyed together so you can drape them one at a time, reducing the computing load and the time you have to wait before seeing results.

(Since a lot depends on the specific properties of the object you’re trying to drape, it would have been far more useful in assessing your problem if you had shown us a picture of the actual plan, or uploaded the plan itself, instead of a grayscale image.)


jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it.s done ! :smile: i made them explode and applied drape tool and it worked , you were right! Thanks very much! :grinning: