Apply a dxf plan as an image

I have a terrain model with buildings and a plan lining out where the borders are located. The plan is in dxf format.

I want this plan to be applied to the terrain as an image (as I did with the satelite phote, see printscreen). I know how to do with the terrain (bucket tool) as applied in my model.

Does anyone know how I can achieve the dxf plan with the borders being applied on the terrain, not underneath as I have it know?, see printscreen.

Thanks, Thomas

Move (or make a copy of) the borders above the terrain surface and use the “Drape” command.

Anssi - thank you - this is also what is in here, second part:

However applying drape tool as follows results in too many lines resulting, see tree steps documented below. The number of lines I drape on the terrain I can influence with proper selection before applying drape tool.

How can I get rid of the mesh-lines? Do I need to get rid of them before I drape the additional plan on the terrain or is there a way to turn them on/off. View / Edge Style / Edges removes them all together with the draped-on plan-lines.

Here is what I did:

Result after applying drape tool:

And this is what I search for (which is only the parralel projection of the border plan onto the terrain):

Why can I not just drape the lines / plan on the terrain with the drape tool?

TTTV1.skp (2.8 MB)

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