Draping contour lines from a dwg onto a terrain but nothing happens, lines won´t show on the terrain

I got a terrain model made with openGL and FME exported to a sketchup file. When I try to drape contour lines from a dwg file onto the terrain, sketchup never stop processing the work so I dont get the result. Can it be that the model is too heavy for my computer to handle, or is something else wrong?

Not sure exactly what you’re doing, but it’s entirely possible it’s too heavy. If you’ve got statistics, a screen shot, or even the file itself, we might tell better. SketchUp can make the terrain model from a dwg file of contour lines, in which case you wouldn’t need to drape them on the surface since they were used to make the surface. I sometimes make a copy of the contour lines themselves, and group them on a tag to give them a dash pattern. The drape tool is meant to be used for (raster) texture images, not (vectored) dwg drawings, so I wouldn’t expect that specific tool to work.

No. The Drape tool works with vector edges. Projecting materials is a totally different thing.

OK, you’re right. I’m getting my terminology mixed up. I use projected aerial photos a lot, but not that much of draped geometry. I stand corrected.

The terrain is a triangulated mesh, maybe sketchup can´t handle this many edges.
I share the file.

test.skp (7.7 MB)

Go to View > Edge Style > Edges (checked) and turn on edge visibility.

Drape worked, only you didn’t see the result.

If you have a version of the model before applying the Drape command, it would be a good idea to turn on the edges and smooth them, and only then apply the dwg with Drape.

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When I drape it, sketchup crashes, so I am gonna try the procedure on a more powerful computer.
Thank you so much! Now I know it should work :slight_smile: