Drape Tool Not Working as Intended

I have a terrain model that has roads etc. and i’m trying to drape it but some lines are missing when i do. Is it because the model is sloped so it can’t transfer the lines like its supposed to? Or something else?
1.skp (9.0 MB)

It’s a more complicated model, with a lot of edges, some small… there may be some errors when you use the Drape command.

But if you want to create a 2D surface with those roads, you can use some of the information I gave you in your other post and instead of using Drape, make a copy of the terrain and flatten it with one of the existing extensions, like Eneroth Flatten to Plane.

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Thanks a lot!

Oh by the way, if i try to drape this 2d into a already made topography, would there be the same issues?

Possibly, but I showed you and explained from the beginning a method that works and doesn’t create the problems you kept running into trying to work the way you did.

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Okay, thanks!