Drape tool not working at all

I just started modeling a site so all I have imported into my model is a google earth location map. And I’ve also done some simple massing for the existing buildings. I drew out the roads with the lines and curve tool and made that a group. next I made the terrain a group. Rose the road groupe over the terrain and tried to drape it down but It is just not working

The drape tool keeps asking me the same two questions with nothing happening. “Select the entity you wish to drape” when I select the road it asks me “select the mesh on which you wish to drape” I select the terrain. Nothing happens I just get prompted to “Select the entity you wish to drape” again, and so on and so forth.

The only thing I can think about is that maybe my terrain isn’t “mesh” and that’s why it isn’t working ?

It;s hard to know what it is from an image, I question why the terrain has no edges, perhaps it’s a layer/tag issue.
But instead of guessing how about you attach the model for people to check and give you a definitive answer.

Will Do, Heres my ModelStudio.skp (2.2 MB)

Yeah my guess was basically right. It’s a layer issue.
You have changed the active layer away from Layer0.
Don’t do that, always leave layer 0 active (untagged 2020)
So change the active layer and try again.

worked like a charm. So, never ever hide Layer 0 correct ?

Layer 0 is where you do everything, all raw geometry should remain assigned to layer 0 (untagged in 2020 since the name change).
Only assign layer tags to groups, components, dimensions, images etc, never to raw geometry.
Always leave layer 0 as the active layer (unless you really know what you are doing and for a specific reason that I won’t go into now.)
You should never need to hide layer 0.

Okay, thank you

And go through your model (manually if it isn’t too big) to check if you have any existing raw geometry on a layer other than Layer0 or Untagged (v2020 onwards).

If so select it all and tag it with Untagged, or assign Layer0 to it.

If there’s a lot, use a plugin such as Default Layer Geometry.

Rember if you explode a group (and maybe component) that has a layer or tag assigned, the contained edges and faces will inherit the parents former tag.

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