Using the drape tool leaves a few white squares

Hi, I recently downloaded a model from cadmapper and the road was not sitting well on the terrain so I redrew it. After doing so I was planning to use the drape tool to drape it on the terrain but this was the result…

As you can see here, it left some white squares that is not desired. The file prior to draping has been attached below. Any help on this would be appreciated!

I can’t tell you why but if you change the camera to perspective it works.

Tried it but it did not work on my end, mind showing me yours?

Here you go.
But it may also be fixing errors.
Go to Model info/Statistics and hit the Fix problems button first.

The ‘Fix Problem’ button worked for me without the need to change camera. Out of curiosity, do you always use ‘Fix Problem’ when trying to solve issues?

Also should I start a new topic for another question that is somewhat related or continue here? (I am leaning towards the former but there’s no harm in asking I suppose)

I chose not to fix the problems first, and I was able to get both the holes and one without the holes.
I then fixed the Problems and was still able to create both versions, so it’s a bit of an odd one.
I always let SU check for problems but I don’t let it automatically fix them.

No reason not to ask your question here for now. If it needs it own thread it can always get one.

Ok, so after draping I wanted to color the road but when doing so I noticed that some of the lines are not connected which resulted in this.

I tried manually drawing the lines but it can’t seem to connect so I was wondering if there is a fast and simple way to do so.

Update: I managed to solve it with the use of Edge Tools

Instead of draping, I extruded the 2D plan of the roads, then I selected the terrain and intersected with the model, and no further clean up was needed.

Thanks mihai! You might not remember but the link you sent in one of my earlier topic helped me a lot too!

With that said, is it normal for the buildings in cadmapper to be partially below ground?

If it is, is there a simple way to move them so they sit on the terrain?

You’re welcome and Thank you!

The buildings are already sit on the ground.
If you look closely, having a terrain that is not flat, each building has a corner of the base at the intersection with the terrain, having the rest of the base at that level.

How would you like them to be positioned differently?
Should they have a base that follow the ground?

That is what I initially thought but after looking back at the file from this learning track, it seems like you are right on the fact that they are already sitting on the terrain.

Right now, I’m trying to merge the cadmapper model with my site model and I’m not sure on how to do it. From the learning track video, a boundary was created which was then draped to hide the cadmapper model portion that intersected with the site model. However I am not certain that this will work for my case. The file that consist of both model is attached below.

There is a difference of 9 m between the back of the parking lot and the front. And the exit to the street is also on a slope, with a difference of 2.5 m.

It depends on the architect, but probably the new parking lot will somehow follow the shape of the land to a certain extent, especially at the intersection with the main street.

Certainly for the final project you will need a topographic survey of the area, you cannot rely on the elevations of the terrain downloaded from the internet.

And don’t forget to have each element grouped, in this case the street and parking

Seems like I was not clear enough with my question so I am going to rephrase it. Simply put, is there any plugins/ method that I can use here to make the site model sit on the topography from cadmapper?

I did not say this earlier but the building being in the way of the parking lot is not that much of an issue since it could be pushed/pulled out of the way to make space.

Also it seemed like the CleanUp plugin got rid of my street and parking tags when I was cleaning the file earlier.

There is DrpoGC, though it doesn’t do a perfect job on your model.

It depends on how you think/imagine the site model sit on the topography from cadmapper.

If you look at what a sloping street really looks like,

I think your site model will need modifications to be able to conform to the slopes of the topography from cadmapper.
And it will look different than the image given by the flat plane you built.

it’s not complete, just an example

Somehow, those differences of up to 9 m between different corners of the terrain must be taken over by the slopes inside the site.

Yep it certainly does and I will give it a go tomorrow. May I know the tools you used to achieve the example shown above?

I mostly used the basic tools (Line, Rectangle, Protractor, Rotate), plus CurviShear from Fredo6 Tools + Soap Skin & Bubble to create curved slopes at the entrance.