How to import a dwg polyline (site boundary) to Sketchup and drape the line on terrain



Hi. Wondering how to import a dwg polyline (site boundary) to Sketchup and drape the line on terrain. The dwg polyline is 2D (normal polyline in AutoCAD). The terrain is in Sketchup, and the line is to be draped over it. Thanks.


Sandbox tools (native to SU).


Hi. Could you please give more detailed instructions? I imported the dwg polyline boundary into Sketchup. I then moved the boundary over the terrain. I then selected the Drape tool. Nothing happened to the site boundary polyline that I imported. What do I need to do? Please help.


Look at the Help files. There’s some good info about using Drape and the other Sandbox tools.


Great. Will take a look. Thanks.


It would also help if you are able to upload the model so we can see what is happening and suggest a solution.


Hi. Unfortunately, I may not share the site model, as the file can’t be shared publicly. However, I’ve created a Sketchup-file that is similar. It’s the same thing, basically, in terms of the problem that needs to be solved. Grateful for your advice. test.skp (532.6 KB)


Before you do anything, you should correct the face orientation so the white front faces are up instead of the back faces being up.

Second, you have the terrain group inside a component. That’s not useful.


Explode the component. Select the polyline to drape, get the Drape tool and click on the terrain group.


Thanks, I got it to work. However, is there a way of making the polyline thicker (lineweight) and change the colour (would that be paint tool?)? Thanks.


You could change the color by painting the edges with a color and then set Edge color to By Material in the Styles Edit tab.

As far as making the edges appear thicker there’s no option to change their weight. But there is a way. Open the terrain group for editing, select the draped edges and hit Edit>Copy or the appropriate keyboard shortcut. Switching to Wireframe might make it easier to select the edges. Then close the group and choose Edit>Paste in place. The pasted edges will now be profile edges and those can be increased in thickness in the Styles Edit tab.



That works great. Thanks.


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