Drape aerial foto onto terrain, AND on/off foto on terrain on a different layer

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Attached a file that I am proud of :wink: but dont achieve the next step:

I want to drape the areal foto on the terrain AND have the ability to turn the foto on the terrain on/off (via the layers tab). Can someone help me in the sense of a step-by-step guide?

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Situation Einfahrt Hertenstrasse 8.skp (11.0 MB)


Drape isnโ€™t rhe right tool. You are dealing with a(n) foto(/image) that you want to apply on multiple connected faces (the terrain surface). Apply the image as projected texture to the terrain surface.
You can then turn the texture off in the face style > monochrome.
If you do wish to turn its visibility off by layers, you need two terrain groups, one default and one painted and with its own layer assigned to it.

Animated version of g.h.hubbers:

Excellent, thank you very much. I did take the picture with Bucket + Alt and realeased it with the pipette on the terrain. This provided the same result.

I now imported housing data and have the problem that these are all red - how can I make them more natural (e.g. grey, or white)?

I regularly have the problem with formatting objects. What am I missing in my understanding in order I can easely switch colors of the houses? I am sure there is a simple solution to that problem.

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Hereโ€™s how to project the photo on to the terrain.
Then, you could create a new Style using monochrome face style to turn the image on/off.

You might pick up an additional tip or two at the Learning Center. The class is SketchUp for Landscape & Site Design. It is an interactive lesson. Check it out.

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In conjunction with the other tips you got ,you might find this video helpful also.


Thats an easy solution. And is there a simple way to make the lines the same color?

Thank you very much RLGL - I will look at that resource.

And thank you c_j_ryan for the video.

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Thank you mihai.s and a good Weekend!

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