Drape tool functionality

Hi there,

I have an extruded cylinder that I want to drape a line pattern onto the side of.

I have used Window > Soften edges to create one selectable surface around the cylinder (with no vertical lines), and am trying to use the Sandbox > Drape tool to drape my 2D lines onto the curve.

I’ve used the Sandbox > Drape tool before successfully with surfaces created through Sandbox from Contours, but I cannot get it to work in this instance, and I am wondering if it’s because the cylinder was not created through Sandbox?

I’ve noticed that when trying to use the drape tool, it is turning red when I hover over my cylinder as my item to drape onto, whereas previously with sandbox from contours meshes it stayed white.

Any suggestions / tips / advice much appreciated?



‘Drape’ works in vertical direction up or down, not horizontally!
So to get anything draped on the cilinder position the cilinder underneat.

How you created the cilinder has nothing to do with whether you can drape or not.

THANK YOU! This has been driving me mad, I couldn’t figure it out!

Obviously works perfectly rotated 90 deg.

Much appreciated.