Help with drape tool, please

I am trying to drape a logo onto a water bottle. For the sake of simplicity I did a quick sketch with the dimensions of both the bottle and the logo. I can’t seem to figure out how to drape the shape of the logo (looks like a modified Chevy bowtie) onto the bottle (the cylinder). Could one of the SU wizards out there give me a hand with this seemingly simple task? Thanks

Drape tool.skp (65.0 KB)

The Drape tool is designed to drape things onto terrain and thus work in a vertical fashion. It’s not the appropriate tool for the way you have your model set up. Instead use Push/Pull to push the shape through the side of the cylinder, use Intersect Faces, and delete what you don’t want.

Since the shape is as wide or wider than the cylinder’s diamter you’re going to have issues. Make the cylinder larger or make the shape smaller.

Dave - once again you soled my problem, thanks, now I get it.