Sandbox tools - drape

Hi - I cannot get drape to work. Exploded the mesh - selected the square ( it is not a group) and you can see the results

To me it looks like it is working. What do you expect the Drape tool to do?

More about what I don’t expect to do, which is erase all of the lines within the drape area. So what I do expect is to be left with a shape ready to add a material or push/pull

It works fine when not draping on a grid

The main reason for the Sandbox tools, including Drape is for dealing with non-flat terrain surfaces. Deleting the edges inside the draped outline wouldn’t make any sense for that and the tool isn’t designed to do it.

In your example you have a flat surface divided into smaller reqions. If you don’t want those dimensions, get rid of the coplanar edges bfore you drape the shape.

Of course it does. So don’t drape on a grid.

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Ok, so from sandbox I draw a grid, then use smoove to create terrain, I then create a path to drape onto my surface. What’s the next step? Do I need to soften and smooth the terrain before I drape? Do I need to explode the terrain?

Softening the edges of the grid in your terrain would result in two surfaces, one inside the draped outline and the other outside.

I’m back at square one - I cannot get a shape to drape on a sandbox grid surface, anyone out there want to make me a video - I’ve already watched everyone on you tube

Well I finally figured it out. In order to drape a shape onto a grid surface you must smooth and soften the edges first.

Sorry I didn’t get back to this yesterday. Had to go to Robotics.

Well, as you found before, you don’t have to soften the edges of the grid surface but it makes it easier to work with when it comes to things like applying materials.

Actually, yes you must soften the surface of the grid in order to drape a shape on. Not certain where you suggest I learned that.

Actually, no you don’t have to soften the surface grid to be able to use Drape.

As I wrote, softening the grid edges does make it easier to do things later like apply a different material inside the region created by draping.


Thanks, I don’t understand using drape as you’ve demonstrated- I simply want to add paths, driveways etc.

@Daver is showing Drape exactly as it should be used… mabe this will help…

…and, yes, you can use drape on smoothed ot non-smoothed meshes.

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Sorry for trying.

Thanks Aaron, I watched your video over and over, eventually I noted your model was softened and the drape worked. Leaving the grid without softening does create an outline, but all of the grid lines remain- not certain what that style application is used for. Maybe a video from you? Thanks for getting back to me.

I am not sure what this means… drape WILL intersect the geometry it is hitting, regardless of smoothing. It is easier to work with the geometry if it is smoothed before, because the moothe suface acts as one piece. As @DaveR showed, though, it will work either way.

Can you direct me to a video using drape and not softening edges - not sure when to use that.

This video shows using softened grid. You draped it on the non softened but then didn’t show how to use it in that form. I’ve got what I need but don’t understand what I would or how I would use a draped shaped on a non softened grid. @DaveR - don’t be sorry, I appreciate alll the help, I was stumped.


here. on a non softened grid. I grouped my circle so it wouldn’t accidentally clip my grid. my grid isn’t grouped could be, but I exploded it (as a reflex)

I find it harder than on a smoothed surface though. because now it’s harder to select some of the smal faces.

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