Download Problems

I’m having problems downloading SkecthUp Make 2016

Every time i try to download SketchUp the sites breaksdown, and im unable to download

Hi @MagnusMJ

I would like to help but unfortunately I’m not sure of what you mean by “the sites breaksdown”.

Could you provide a screenshot or a more detailed description of what’s happening?

Here’s an official download link with versions of all languages available. Make sure you choose the SketchUp version matching the architecture of your computer and operating system (32 bit or 64 bit).

Ohh im sry for the bad explaining.
But it just starts loading
Then it says “venter på” in a while( in english “waiting on”)

After a while this screen appears

In english "This website is not available

It might be related to your internet connection/service provider. Try restarting your router (that manage your internet connection) and your computer.

As another alternative, you could try to download the file with a download manager like wxDownloadFast

It says, “404 Page not Found” when i press your link

Oops, corrected the link.

@MagnusMJ: Did you get it to work anyhow?

I am experiencing the exact same problem since about the same date. Since January we are unable to download from the official Sketchup website. There are several update available but I am limited to the last January version.

Here what we have trial as of now.

We have failed to download update on a Surface Book I7 windows 10, one Mac Book, a CAD tower windows 7 and many more laptop and CAD Station from various location in different town and different service provider.

Then my IT subcontractor got involved, and failed to do it from there office in a remote location even with a freshly reformatted laptop to avoid any firewall of ad blocking application. As of now we couldn’t find any one in Quebec, Canada that are able to download from the official website since January.

I then contact Sketchup customer support about the situation, and the answer was it work for us and it should be a configuration problem. I then ask them to remotely log on one of our station to find out the problem and they never reply to that request.

I am a PRO ($$$) user and we just can’t update anymore, and no support from Trimble.

Anyone know a solution?

Best Regards

Hi @Techcreator,

SketchUp 2016.0 was released on november 17th and since then, only one maintenance update (2016.1) was released on February 29th.

I’m from Québec, Canada as well and have had no problems whatsoever downloading any of those version. I have in fact downloaded the 2016.1 Pro 64bit version just now with success.

What internet browser are you using? Are you getting any kind of error message? Did you try using a download manager? Try to be as specific as you can and I’ll try to assist youin troubleshooting this the best I can.


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Hi @Denis Roy,

Thanks for your reply, for a strange reason I was able to upgrade the Surface Book today without any problem from the Trimble Web site as expected.

I did tried the same operation several time in the last 3 months exactly the same identical way without success.

I will try it on my CAD station later and see if it work.

Best regards,

Passé un bon week-end.



If you encounter any problems with your other machines, see if you can capture any messages or errors and post them back here.

If you haven’t already, an early troubleshooting step could be to try a download manager such as the wxDownloadFast I linked to earlier in this thread.

It a portable open source application that will attempt to download a single big file by splitting it into 5 different chunks (each using its own connection to the server) which can sometimes result in faster transfer times (if the server throttle connections, for example) but more importantly it might give you more explicit error messages than a standard web browser when a transfer fails due to server / connections errors.

Bonne chance et bonne fin de semaine également!