Cannot Download Sketchup Pro 2015


This has more to do with the website than the product. When using the download links for Windows (either 32- or 64-bit) at , at the time of this writing, it is not possible to download. It seems that is not responding, as I get a “No data received” error in Chrome and a “Cannot display page” error in IE. I can download other files, such as the Mac Sketchup Pro or any of the viewer install files. It is only the Sketchup Pro and Make for Windows files that I have discovered to be troublesome. Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this?


The official download page is and appears to me responsive and sends an installer file.

That specific webpage that contains all download links gives me currently an error page (“the requested page … is not found”).

Your description rather sounded like you were able to access the page that contains the download links to installer files, however the server didn’t send an installer file when clicking a link. So we are seeing maybe different issues. It could be depending on region. I’m sure these issues will be solved soon.


correct is:


Thank you for the response. Filling out the form in that link leads me to the same link and gives me the same error. I’m not sure it is regional, as most of the other links work straight away. However, your response led me to contemplate the situation a little bit more. It turned out to be my gateway anti-virus. I turned it off and that did the trick. Thanks to everyone who responded.