Download limit? maybe use recaptcha instead?

hej Sketchup team, why not use some recaptcha for every 10 downloads?
It would stop those ugly people from mass downloading. And you would be able still to have no limits at all?

It would also save us from all of these senseless discussions?


recaptcha is another way to slow down, but:

It is used to gather data for Google’s self driven cars,
which are probably gonna be sold…
(thus probably counts for ‘wage theft’)


The 100 download limit is likely to only affect the people who are doing mass downloads, and no normal user will be affected at all. A Recaptcha would affect a lot of users who are only needing 11 models, and is only going to be a minor annoyance to the model scrapers.

But, on the lines of doing a minor change to see if that would help, for some time now you have needed to be signed in to be able to download even one model. I’m not on that team, or involved in the decision making, but it seems like that change wasn’t enough to slow down the mass-downloaders.

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The 100 model download won’t do squat to prevent mass downloaders, it’s just an annoyance. If someone is savvy enough to scrape Sketchup models for money, they know how to sign up for multiple gmail addresses and mask their IP addresses.