Download LibFredo6

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
I am on the Sketucation website, and trying to download LibFredo6.

I am trying to put in Sketchup 2020. When I click download, it down loads as PDF.
Does anyone know why it’s downloading as a PDF and not a RBZ?

I had this extension in Pro 2018

Where exactly on Sketchucation are you trying to get it from? Try this link:

Better, why not install the Sketchucation tool and use it to install extensions like Fredo6’s and TIGs. That’ll help you keep them up to date, too.

Maybe you could take a few minutes to update your forum profile since it is obsolete.

I followed you link, this is what I get.

So it’s not that it’s downloading as a PDF. That’s not a problem with LibFredo6 or Sketchucation.You’ve got Acrobat Reader set to open .rbz files. You need to fix Reader.

By the way, you don’t open .rbz files by double clicking on them. After you’ve downloaded the .rbz file, go to SketchUp’s Window>Extension Manager aand click Install Extension. Then navigate to where you saved the file, select it and click Open in the file explorer window.

Maybe this will help with the file association issue.

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Thanks, I will keep trying. I’m not sure how to fix my reader.

I did it!
That was way to hard, probably because I’m having a really bad day.

As always, Thanks for you help!