Double tap to repeat an arc corner. Works with finger, not with pencil

When I want to round out a corner, I draw an arc and then push/pull to drop the excess out of existence. I had seen a video where someone (using pro) double tapped on another corner and the program auto filled a copy of the first arc.

I tried it and it didn’t work, even though other double tap to repeat functions work (push/pull, offset, etc). I thought ‘just hasn’t made it into the app yet’.

But today, while multitasking, I absently tapped it with my finger instead of the pen and it works.

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It’s hard to tell from your screen shot but it doesn’t look like the arc is tangent to both edges? Is it?

Yep. Got the magenta inference, 2.5” in from the corner on both the red and green axis. :smiley:

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