Double tap copy for offset doesn’t work

Offset: double tap to copy an offset measure doesn’t work. Works fine for other commands as push pull….

***** Double tap copy works with finger but not with the Apple Pencil

I see that it does often failed to work. When it fails, do some Undo steps, you’ll see that after the previous offset there is another action that needs undoing, before the previous offset goes away. If you then Redo, you get a new chance to try the Pencil. As you don’t see what Undo will undo, it isn’t easy to tell what the new action was, that needed undoing.

I tried sending a SketchUp window from my Mac to my iPad, so I could double-click with my Pencil and see what the Edit menu had to say. Unfortunately, the first press on screen of the pencil would complete a new offset.

That leaves me wondering if Pencil is able to do a double-click at all, though occasionally I did manage to get the offset copied onto the new face. Searching the web to see if Pencil can do double-click is tough, because the Pencil has a double-tap feature, and that’s what shows up in web searches.

Undo helps but not always. Double tapping with finger works fine. For the offset function, there seems to be an issue only with the pencil. The double tap copy feature with the pencil works fine for push pull.

Thanks Colin