Arc tool workflow... SketchUp for iPad

Question about the workflow when using arc tools on iPad. I assume there’s something I’m doing incorrectly.

When I want to put in a 2-point arc, I just… Draw it in. It goes well, the inferences pop in intuitively and it’s exactly where I want it… Except there’s a missing finish in this case, because that was just a suggested inference.

So then I grab it to adjust the bulge so that it will complete the action… And then spend maybe 15 seconds adjusting back and forth to try and get back to that first, perfect, suggested inference.

Is there an enter, or accept button, or a way to tell it in that first moment, ‘I like it, you did good, don’t move it’ ?

This is one of my issues too, there is a double click to finish missing.


Yep, great question!

Try repeating the workflow… but this time, lock the tangent inference before drawing the arc.
It’s the cyan-colored inference lock icon in the Tool Mode toolbar (third button down from the top).

(Note: Tangent lock is toggled on, by default, when using the 3-pt arc. It is off, by default, when using the 2-pt arc.)


Agreed. I wonder if Double Tap the pencil to enter or complete would be a use-full option in general. I often find myself bumping off the correct inference with my final hard press or pencil tap while trying to complete an operation.

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I can’t tell you how many times I thought I completed a drawing operation only to find I didn’t and nothing happened, so I had to start again. I started to just tap into the measurement box and then Enter without changing the number because I was sure it would stick.

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@RTCool my suspicion is that you may be experiencing that more for some tools than for others – depending too, on whether your preferences are such that the pencil is set to Just Draw mode vs Click-move-click mode…
I’d be curious to learn more (perhaps in another thread, though) about which tools, specifically, and in what pencil mode specifically, you find yourself getting tripped up. Sounds like an opportunity there for us to improve…


@MikeTadros I have noticed that if you tap the add segment icon after drawing a 2 point corner arc it will auto remove the ‘corner’. Is this a deliberate feature or a happy accident, not entirely happy as it adds segments you may not want. It is what I would expect to happen with a double tap to finish.

Great observation, and thanks for sharing.
I’m going to say that that is a happy / not-so-happy accident.
I was aware of the subtle difference between iPad and desktop, as you mentioned, that in iPad there is not an option to round the corner of a rectangle automatically (similar to the double click option on desktop), and we had it on the list to take a look at that some day. It’s interesting that modifying the segments offers that result… Seems we may need to bump the investigation into that behavior up a bit on the list.