IPad pencil issue while drawing Arc

While using iPad Air 5th generation with pencil the arc function is not working at intended. Won’t draw two point and allow me to create the desired bulge, nor tap each points and draw the bulged nor use the measurement tool to creat the bulge tool. Is there a settings or update? I have the latest 16.2 IOS and 6.2 Sketch up

Make sure the tip of the pencil is screwed on correctly.

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Ah, yes. It seems to have the same issue as the Rotate+ bug.

Thanks @Mjrollo68 for the report and @RogerRoger for the notes – I’ve listed and linked these 2 issues on the roadmap.

Does this mean you submitted a bug fix?

Thank you. I think IPads did an update and have forced some changes

I have a video if you are interested

@Mjrollo68 @RogerRoger
A quick note that (hopefully) closes the loop on this thread.
Last week’s release of 6.2.1 (1966) included a fix for this and a few other bugs that were affecting tool drawing flows. If you’re still seeing any issues after updating to 6.2.1, please let us know.
& apologies again for any frustration that this caused.

Yes update to version 6,2,1 and it’s working as I would expect. Thank you for the top notch service!!!