Double line tool?

Looking for a simple 2d/double line wall to use for creating 2d floor plans. years back i had the “double line too” but it is no longer supported. Guessing there is a simple solution but it is not occuring to me. Thanks all.

Did you try the Double Line extension in the Extension Warehouse? Although it doesn’t say it supports past 2015 or something it does work in SketchUp 2021.

Offset makes quick work of that sort of thing, too.

yeah. I am in 2021 and it crashed right away.

Hmmm… I just installed it to try it and haven’t had any problems using it. Maybe it’s a mac/PC thing. Which OS version are you using? Your profile says you are using 2020. Maybe you could update that and add the OS version?

All right, i will try it again. Thanks Dave

Good luck.

Dave, just confirming you are using double line from

I am on a m1 mac so maybe that is it?
I removed and reinstalled but it crashes right away.

I installed the one by Didier Bur from the Extension Warehouse.

Yeah, that is the same one. Maybe it is jsut the OS or the M1?

Could be. I don’t know of another double line extension.

Thanks for trying. It is always the simple things. It woudl be real helpful for site surveys. There seem to be other wall tools but they won’t let me set the height to 0".

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Curic may have something for you, not all are free. Curic extensions

jsut downloaded. Gonna play later but it looks promising and free to boot. thanks

Didier’s old extension site doesn’t seem to exist any more, so the version in the Extension Warehouse would be the latest.

Well I didnt think that there could be a double iien tool too simple for what i need but… The free version of Curic’s tool requres that you pull it down from the menu each time and then you have no control of where the wall anchors. It ancors center. So if i have a 4" thick wall and go four feet then take a right turn to continue, the wall overlaps itself 2" making the face that i had called foru feet actuall 3’10". The Curic website is confusing and i can risk $60 to see if they have what i need. I’ll keep looking. Thanks. It was close.

As said, Didier Bur’s Double Line tool is free and downloadable from the Extension Warehouse. Despite what the page says about versions, it works in v.2021 just fine, at least for me.

Thanks Anssi, Are you on a Mac or PC? I am on an M1 Mac and it is not working for me.

I am on a PC.
You say it “crashes”. Do you get a BugSplat message? Do you send them to SketchUp? Do you get some other sort of error message?

What Curic extension were you looking at?

it was a wall tool in the Curic Drawing Tools free