Double Lines in Old School Ortho

Total newbie here so please let me know where this question needs to be posted.

I’m REALLY old school - still have my manual drafting table and absolutely loved TurboCAD 3.1 for Windows (circa 1993) (Now I have an iMac Retina)

I am interested in drawing 2D only. I see everything in 3D, and if I have to, can draw a little bit in 3D. I don’t use symbol libraries or templates. I am only interested in very simple OLD SCHOOL, 2D, full manual drawing.

Two questions:

1.) Which part of Sketchup features a simple interface that is most conducive to simple 2D line drawings? Would this be Layout?

2.) Does anyone know how to get features like, double line, offset line, drop perpendicular line, etc?

Thanks for any old school suggestions!

Yes, layout would be the right part of sketchup for your 2d drawings. But to be honest it seems a bit pointless to buy pro sketchup, which you need to do to use layout, to make 2d drawings. Sketchup is all about 3d and layout translates the 3d to 2d. There are more appropriate programs for 2d work.

Any suggestions for a VERY simple 2D drafting program for Mac?

Sorry I’m not a mac user.

How about TurboCad Pro Version 8 for Mac?

I’m downloading now.