Double Line Tool PLEASE!

Just like the one in VectorWorks. I have Dibac but it only lets you draw in plan view.
This one is a must. Please developers!

In SketchUp Line Tool has no concept of planes. Maybe someone could make a third party extension for this but it has no place natively in the application as it’s too different.

There are some valid use cases for special edges in a 3D model (e.g. emphasis using dashes and other patterns, custom width, etc.), but the majority of requests for this kind of feature come from people who are trying to create traditional 2D drawings using SketchUp alone, that is, not using LayOut. As @eneroth3 points out, the whole idea of “double line” is 2D because the second line must be offset from the first in some plane. Unlike some other apps, SketchUp does not have a concept of “working plane” so it has no native way to know how to orient the doubled line. Since SketchUp is not and does not aim to be a 2D drawing app, I agree that this could be an extension but doesn’t belong in the main app.

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Doesn’t matter who creates it…It’s just needed.

I’ve added it to my extenions to do list because it’s actually a quite good idea for an extension. However what I meant by my last reply is that it doesn’t fit in as a native feature. As there is no concept of sketching planes such a line tool would be quite alien to SketchUp and confusing to new users.

I’m now you’re #1 fan! just to be able to draw this simple angle on the bottom of this window would be so much faster with a double line tool.
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