Domain Registration Requests


Apologies, thanks for letting me know.
The staff and student e-mail endings are and our school website is
Please advise if there’s further info/proof needed for free student access :slight_smile:

Thanks for the posts and sorry for the delay in my replies. I have been sick and am just getting caught up on these posts. I’ll d my best to address everyone in a single post so just look for your username for the part that is relevant to you.

First up is you @heidijudy. I can confirm that you are already in our database. If you are experiencing issues with SketchUp for Schools, check with your IT team to see if they have made any changes on their end that may be causing the disruption. Additionally, you can always try re-deploying the app on the domains to make sure that the deployment is not the issue as sometimes changes made by IT can corrupt files or alter permissions without intending to.

As for you @mkondas, you are not in our database of domains so it is entirely possible that is the cause of the issues you are seeing. I am happy to get you added, but I’ll need a few things from you first. Specifically, I need your domain, confirmation you are a k-12 school or equivalent and finally a link to your website if you have one. Can you get back to me with that information so I can get you added to the database?

Dear @Steve_Ketchup ,

I’m from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, and we (teacher) are planning to use Sketchup for School, but unfortunately we cannot sign in using our school email. Our domain email for teacher is

Our student can access sketchup for school using domain

Can our school using this features? I already talked with our admin account , they said in the admin site, they cannot find where to activate the sketchup for school.

could you guide us?

thank you

Hi @johnchandra, thanks for the post. Unfortunately Steve is no longer with SketchUp as he has moved to a different company but thankfully I am able to assist you and can help you figure out if you qualify for SketchUp for Schools.

The first and most important question is “Are you a k-12 school or equivalent?” Once I know that I can either point you towards the relevant help desk or start troubleshooting why your access is not working. Can you let me know?

Dear Casey,

Yes we are a K12 school. You can find oue school website at

Hopefully we can access the sketchup for school.

Thank you for your kind help


Can we have added to that database. k-12 School Northeast Kings Education Centre

Dear @CaseyG,

Is there any updates regardings my request?

Please add to the SketchUp for Schools whitelist:
Thank you!

Hi @CaseyG
When users at our school (students & teachers) try to use Sketchup, they get into a loop when logging in and it is impossible to access the service. I have reinstalled the app in the Google Workspace console.

Can you please add the following domains to the list?


Our school is (PYP, MYP & DP)

Thank you in advance.


Hi everyone, thanks for the posts! I’ll do my best to address everyone in one post so just look for your username for the part relevant to you.

First up is @johnchandra. Sorry about the delay getting your domain added to the database. I just personally finished manually adding all the details we needed so you should be up and running now. Just make sure you don’t skip any steps as you deploy the app as that will cause issues later on.

Next up is you @scue. Thanks for posting everything I needed in one single post. That saves me some time and I appreciate the extra effort that takes. I have just added you to the database and you should be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure not to skip any steps as that will cause issues later on.

Now it is your turn @cduran. I am sorry to hear that you are stuck in a log in loop. I have added you to the database although the fact that it is a loop indicates to me that the issue is most likely a bad deployment or a pop up being blocked. Can you give it a try again and let me know if you are still seeing the issue? If so, we may need to do some additional troubleshooting.

Finally it is your turn @yoonjilee. I am not able to get you added to the database of approved domains at this time as a quick Google Translate of your site indicates that you may be a higher education school. Can you verify that is correct or not?

Hi @CaseyG, thank you for your kind help. You mentioned to me to make sure I’m not skip any step when deploy SketchUp apps. Where can I have the steps?

Dear @CaseyG, All sorted ! thank you very much for your help :wink:

Dear @CaseyG can you help us to whitelisted
Our domain is the same for teachers and students


Hi @GoodGarcia21, thanks for the post. I am happy to get your domain added to our database, but I’ll need a few things from you first.

First up, I need your domain. AS your previous post already had that you are already 33% done. I also need confirmation you are a k-12 school or equivalent. Just a post verifying that is all we need, as long as it is true. Finally, and this is optional, if you have a school or district website, a link to it would be appreciated.

Just get back to me with what I need from you and I can get you added!