Does anyone recognize this rendering error . . .?

Seeking troubleshooting assistance with a school model. The presentation requires imagery in KeyShot, yet there is a break at several points in the geometry I do not know how to identify the source of. I do not know what the problem is even called in the nomenclature of the software, I have been lost in the forums trying to find anything remotely close.

Completed model:

Hidden geometry:

The results however, have problems:

“Streamers” connect between areas they are not supposed to exist in the render.

Errors highlighted:

Different angles:

Seemingly “Clean Geometry” of nearly all Quads


Errors highlighted:

I do not know what to call these mistakes, making troubleshooting difficult. This is the End of Semester Project that I have to make look good, but I am the only one using SketchUp. 3DS Max is impossible to effect anything remotely good in, which is what the class is using.

It does not help that I have a TBI-induced learning impairment either.

I am hoping to learn what this problem is called, how to check the SketchUp model for issues prior to rendering, and how to avoid the quirk in follow-on work. This is not the first time this error has happened, but it is the first term project it will effect.

Thank you for your time.

Might be a dumb question, but are the faces in the curved parts reversed? Renderers react in different ways to visible back sides of faces.

that’s a good point, post some monochrome views or the file so we can check for issues…


Thank you for answering, Sir.

No, all Normals are correctly facing out. In the default colors, I use a “Neon” yellow to show the incorrect side.

I learned this the hard way when exporting another model to ZBrush and it looked like it went through a taffy-stretcher.

Can you upload the model so we can take a look at it?

The model is 16.7 MB and I am not allowed to upload

Default Monochrome views:

Normal faces “Correct Blue” with “Incorrect Yellow”

it’s not ‘monochrome view’ if your face me character still has color…

also KeyShot may prefer Images as Texture rather than images…

EDIT: Like this…


I do not recognize the tools you have on your instrument panel, Sir.

I am stuck with whatever default tool settings it has and cannot customize anything.

View of interior spaces with “Incorrect Sides” visible:

Right click on any icon in your toolbar and select “Styles”

The style to the far right is “Monochrome” which will show the direction of your faces. Some of your faces may need to be reversed.

that’s the mac version, so they may look different, but you seem to have found the same result…

I would explode all the images, in a copy of the file, and see how that renders…


The problem Sir, is not with any grouped components - Display Cases/Table, Logo - but with the sweeping arcs that come to points.

The build of the outer structures was a rectangle with a offset cylinder in a boolean/extraction cut.

There are no voids/holes/mismatched vertex points at those parts, but the rendering color “Breaks” and “Leaks” out.

I have been trying to figure this problem out for several months for private work, as I have a grade riding on this, I must ask for help on what this gremlin’s name is.

You can upload the model to any file-sharing site such as DropBox or the 3D Warehouse and then provide a link to it here. Be sure to make the file publicly viewable.

DropBox link for model:

Most of your faces are OK.
For some weird reason your Style has a blue front-face color - more normal for a back-face, and a yellow back-face color.
Here’s the view in Monochrome with an off-white front face color and a magenta back-face…
Hidden Geometry is ON.

As you can see only the two single-sided facets show.
There are some Images which might need to be exploded for some renders to see them properly…

The Blue and Yellow is high contrast so I can see where the Normals are facing at a glance, Sir. I exported other models to ZBrush before I understood what the white and pale gray meant and the model looked like it went through a taffy-stretcher.

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