Docking large tools bar on Mac

I’m using Sketchup Make 2017 on a MacBook pro. When I activate the Large Tool Set It functions properly but is not part of the active window. i.e. if I close sketchup the tool set remains open on my desktop independent of sketchup itself. I can also not get the Large Tool Set to open as part of my customized template.

Toolbars don’t dock in the Mac UI. that’s just the wayit is. And closing the window doesn’t quit SketchUp so the toolbar will remain. You can have multiple windows and switch between SketchUp file, too.

Toolbars are not part of any template, native or your own customized one, but their state and positions should be stored when you save a file. Have you tried saving?

Aren’t they saved when you quit SketchUp, not when you save a file (toolbars aren’t associated with a particular file)?

That may be correct, Steve, although in the past I’ve had experience in which saving a file before quitting SketchUp seemed to make a difference.

They are in the preferences plist, not in a SketchUp model file. But an app is free to save its preferences whenever it chooses so I suppose saving a model file could trigger it.

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As soon as you click on the screen once you’ve closed your SU window, your toolbars will disappear. This still keeps the SU program open in the background. Or you can simply quit SketchUp.

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