Do you normally use 4X antialiasing while creating the model?


This may be a dumb question. But still I’d like to ask.

I am used to working in SketchUP with the anti aliasing set at 4x (from Preferences > OpenGl settings) which gives me smooth looking edges all the time. I have difficulty working with anti aliasing turned off - I like to see smooth edges or smooth lines.

Even though this is a personal preference, I would like to ask if I am working the way in which SU is meant to be worked.

Because I am used to 4x anti aliasing which my present Dell XPS laptop allows (Nvidia GeForce 540 M), I am unable to work with laptops which have Video Cards allowing only upto 2x anti aliasing.

Today, in India, one cannot get a high mid-range laptop with cards that support 4X anti aliasing in SketchUP… Those that allow up to 4X fall in the Workstation class Notebook category which are very expensive. The mid-range ones, however, do show 4X in SU OpenGl settings, but whether you set it as 4X or 2X does not make any difference. It gives anti aliasing up to 2X only.

With my present Dell XPS showing signs of failure, I would be forced to work with 2X anti aliasing in SU if I bought a new mid range laptop.

I am posting this question because of my difficulty mentioned here.

Do many of you, when creating 3d model in SU, work with anti aliasing turned off ( i.e. set to “0”). I have heard that many do so.

Putting it the other way, did I learn to work in SU the wrong way ? Should I have, from the beginning, worked with anti aliasing turned off?

Thanks in advance

Hello there. I personally started using antialiasing since version 2016. Before that my models looked alright. The reason I turn on antialiasing in 2016 version is because it looks different compared to the older versions. The ‘staircase’ effect is more pronounced and visible on my screen in 2016 for some reason. I don’t have a decent graphic card unfortunately, so mine goes only up to 2X and I have a small issue with the Select Tool region when antialiasing is turned on as shown below:

Other than that I think antialiasing is a very good thing and I’m used to it now. It’s a bit uncomfortable when I turn it off. Those jagged edges poke my eye. Don’t worry about learning SketchUp the wrong way. It’s alright! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. It is heartening. I still use Google SketchUP 8 version.

And the problem you are getting with selection is because of mismatch of graphic driver with SU. SU is very picky with graphic drivers. Sometimes even an older version of the driver may solve the problem. So why not give a go and try changing the driver?

Best regards

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I tried upgrading and downgrading the graphic card years ago but I still got the same effect. This will hopefully be fixed when I get a new computer. The current one I own has gotten old through the last 4 years of heavy use. But thanks for suggesting. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Glad that you already know it.:slight_smile:

Personally, I set mine to x8. Just because I can. My video card allows me to do so.
Anything less than x4, gives me jagged/thick lines and not necessarily good for showing it to bunch of visual oriented people and myself, i.e architects.

I wouldn’t say it is wrong as everyone use SketchUp differently? :smiley:

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I would suggest you try again.
Graphic drivers are updated all the time, just because one didn’t work doesn’t mean another won’t.

Thank you @Box. I checked again but as you can see, the latest version of my graphic card is 2013. It’s a standard integrated Intel HD Graphics. They don’t get much support I believe.

Looks like a FastFeedback issue to me. Try toggling it, and see if any change. Restart SketchUp after making any Video settings change.

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What you can try is to turn off Fast Feedback in the Preferences>OpenGL settings. It has a minimal effect on performance.


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@DanRathbun, @Anssi, thanks for your replies people. I think my first post was a bit confusing. My OpenGL settings as of 2016 are as follows. (You can see I have 4X option down there but I can’t choose it for whatever reason.)

By saying that the staircase effect is more pronounced I meant the situation when the Fast Feedback is turned on. When I first gave 2016 a try half a year ago and noticed the more pronounced visual change, I turned Fast Feedback off and got rid of the staircase effect.

Turning off Fast Feedback to get rid of the jagged lines, however, has its price because my Selection Tool messes up instead (when I choose 2x). So in a nutshell, it’s either staircase effect or fancy selection box. It’s clearly because of my graphic card but I’m already used to it.

Thank you all for trying to be helpful! :slight_smile: