District Whitelist Request

My schools, like several others, are experiencing a login loop when signing in with their district Google accounts. I tried different devices, Windows and Chromebook, cleared cache and cookies, allowed pop-ups and ensured our content filter isn’t interfering. Still keep experiencing the loop. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Should it be a matter of whitelisting our Google domain it is: kcsd.org

Thnaks for the post @badmin. I’ll get you added to our database right now. By the time this post is live you will be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure not to skip any steps as that has been known to cause the same issue you are seeing sometimes.

If you are sure you deployed the app correctly and have run through all the steps you previously outlined and are still running into the error, let me know an I’ll see if I can get a solution figured out for you.

@CaseyG Thank you for adding our domain. Between that and Google’s 3rd party app changes I’ve got the login issue resolved. However I completely forgot to mention our secondary domain for students. Could you also add bluedemons.org to the white list?

No problem @badmin. I’ll get that added to the database right now. You will be all set to go as soon as this post is live.

You’re an angel! Thank you!
Logins are working again. Greatly appreciate your help.

Hello, Please whitelist nredlearn.org
Thank you.

Hi @mpearse, thanks for the post. I am happy to get you added to the database as soon as I can get a few things from you. Do you have a link to your school or district website? I can usually just get everything I need off of that. I’ll also need you to verify you are a k-12 school before I can get everything squared away on our end.

As soon as I have all of that I can get you added to the database and then you will be all set to deploy SketchUp for Schools.

Hello Casey,

Our main website is www.nred.org. Our email domain is nredlearn.org. Yes, we are a K-12 school District: The City School District of New Rochelle, officially. We are in NY State.

Thank you for the help!

~ Matt

Excellent, I’ll get you added right now and by the time this post is live you should be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure not to skip any steps as you deploy the app as that can cause issues later on that are identical to what you are currently seeing.

If you run into additional errors please feel free to @ me on the forums or send me a private message and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Can you also add https://www.torontomu.ca/. Thank you

Thank you Casey!

~ Matt

Hello Casey,

Our students are still reporting the login-loop issue. Do you know of anything else that might be causing this issue?

Thank you,
~ Matt

Thanks for the reply @mpearse. I can confirm that you are in the database and that the servers are working correctly so the most likely cause of the issue is a bad cookie or cached file. Can you try clearing them out and let me know if that does anything to fix it?

As for you @swimmer SketchUp for Schools is only intended for k-12 schools and your website looks a lot more like a higher education school. If I am mistaken and you are a k-12 school, please feel free to correct me though. Higher education schools are encouraged to consider looking at our other offerings for their lab needs.

Thanks Casey,

We have clearing history/cache for students restricted but I can have a tech perform the action on an affected Chromebook. If it resolves the problem then I’ll take the appropriate action on our side.

Appreciate the help!

~ Matt

Hi @mpearse. I just wanted to circle back around and make sure that everything is working on your end. Is everything working or should we start taking a look at more troubleshooting steps?

Hi Casey,

It took me a few days to verify but we are still having issues. Please see the screenshot below.

Thank you,

A better example:

Odd, If you are sure you deployed the app properly and cleared the cache and cookies then I am not sure what might be causing that with the current build we have deployed. If you want, you can try redeploying the app and see if that helps while I talk with the team.

In case you need the deployment instructions, I have linked it in this post so you can review them and make sure you are not missing anything.

I’ll see if the rest of the team has any ideas later today once we have our morning meetings finished up.