Displaying a description in a Scene

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are doing well.
Is there a way I could display a description in SketchUp Viewer when a scene is pressed.
Basically, when I click a scene I would like a description text to appear on my scene with texts in it. For example, let say I have a scene named “Kitchen”. When clicked, it takes me to the kitchen and I would like a description box to appear on the screen and describe everything about the kitchen. Can this be done? I hope this is clear. Thank you!

You could add screen text and assign a tag to it that is only visible for that scene.

Wow! Thank You very much! I was not expecting it to be that simple. I’m guessing that I can animate the text as well, right? As in fade it in when I enter the scene

Sorry. I should have made it more difficult. :smiley:

Not so much. There really isn’t a way to do any sort of fades or anything during scene transitions. I suppose if you use 3D Text instead of screen text you could have the text move into view as the camera pans or orbits to the scene. Probably won’t be the effect you’re after, though.

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