Linking Text with Scenes

I am building a 3D model that shows installation sequences for the kitchen cabinets we build.

For example:

Scene 1 shows the toekick installed on the floor
Scene 2 shows a base cabinet on top of the toekick
Scene 3 shows a countertop on top of the base cabinet

I would like to include some installation notes specific to each stage of installation.

In Scene 1 would write about using a laser level to set up the toekick.
In Scene 2 would like to replace the text about laser levels with a note about checking gaps around the doors
In Scene 3 we might talk about how far the countertop extends past base cabinet.

When I add the text that is germane to each scene it shows up in the thumbnail version of each scene but the only text that ever shows up on the screen when I click through the scenes menu at top of screen is the very last text.

How would I go about annotating each scene with text in a way that only the text that is important to the screen is displayed?

How are you creating the text? You should create a separate text object for each scene. Were you editing a single text object?

Just guessing. Can you post a model that displays your problem?

How are you showing these scenes once you’ve created them?

This is one of the situations in which you can use SketchUp’s layers to advantage. Unlike edges and faces, it is quite ok to associate text and dimensions with other than Layer0. So, make a distinct layer for each scene. Associate the text for a scene with the layer for that scene. Make the other text layers not visible in that scene and update the scene. Repeat for each scene. Now when you switch from one scene to the other, only the text for that scene will show.

Do as Anssi says: and also assign a layer that is only visible in that scene to the relevant text for that scene.

Remember to Update the scene after making any changes to it, and also Create a new style when prompted to do so, if Updating the scene change the style from default.

You guys were all correct.

I produced a text layer associated with each object then changed visibility to show just the object and associated text when building my scenes.

It all presents just like I want it to even with animation.

Thanks everybody!

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