[Viewer] Hover over a component to see a description

I have created several complex drawings that will be used with the SketchUp Viewer on large touch screens at trade shows. I want our sales people and customers to be able to interact with the drawing which is kind of a map of a factory that shows where the machinery we make is placed in the production process. I would like to be able to double click an object (or component) and have a pop-up bubble appear with a description of the product. Is there any way that this can be done?

Hi CJWhitsett, hi folks.

If you select the Text Tool, you can get what you want by following this procedure:

1 - Click the cursor on a group or component.

2 - Move the cursor to place a texte label. The name of the group or component will be proposed by default. Don’t click to set it.

3 - When done reading, press the Escape key to cancel that operation.

You can repeat as needed.

If you inadvertently click and add an unwanted text label in the model, delete it.

Just ideas.


…I’m trying to reply with a mock-up image of what I want to accomplish but can’t seem to insert an image here. :confounded:

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… but can’t seem to insert an image here.
Not after the first post. Try again.

The Viewer has no Ruby / nor plugin API, nor does it have ANY editing tools whatsoever. (So we cannot write you an extension, for example.)

The Viewer has no SelectionTool, no EntityInfo window, nor does it have ANY inspection tools whatsoever. (Ie, no TapeMeasureTool to measure things, nor a DimensionTool.)

You can use dimensions put them on a particular layer and only have that layer visible in some scene pages.

Text callouts are a type of dimension. You could also use them in certain scene pages (that have a layer that is only visible for that one scene.)

But the people will need to either just run an animation of all the scenes, or manually choose which scene to view, by clicking the scene tabs. (Scene tabs are always visible in the viewer, it seems.)

Your other option would be to use a 3rd-party (possibly commercial) viewer.

@AdamB, does LightUp do these things they wish to do ?

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Hi folks.

Dan reminds me that the question is about the viewer.

Sorry, my answer was for SketchUp.

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